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Art Fair Sees Dramatic YOY Emission Reduction

Art Fair Sees Dramatic YOY Emission Reduction
Saint Louis Art Fair
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Green2Go Rental Power teamed up with The Saint Louis Art Fair in 2023 to reduce carbon emissions. After measuring against the 2022 art fair, emissions in the test portion of the footprint were reduced by 75% resulting in a 92% savings in fuel usage.


Seeking a cleaner, quieter power solution, the fair organizers tested out propane-fueled Juice Boxes back in 2018. The Juice Boxes eliminated the noise and fumes of the old diesel generators used while reducing overall fuel costs. Wanting to build on this success, the organizers came to Green2Go Rental Power looking for further ways to cut emissions & fuel costs for their 2023 event.

With the event taking place on closed-off streeets in the heart of Clayton, MO, it was critical to deliver, set-up, & then breakdown the entire power grid and equipment quickly, in order to adhere to the city's approved schedule.


The Saint Louis Art Fair, located in Clayton, Missouri, celebrated their 30th anniversary this year. For 25 of those 30 years, the art fair used diesel generators to power art exhibitors lights, fans, and point of sale equipment.

After discussing their goals to build upon past environmental successes, Green2Go developed a plan to power the entire event incorporating even more green solutions than the year prior.

This year, Green2Go provided a fleet of our ultra-efficient Rovers to power 10% of the exhibitor booths. The Rovers sip propane at half the rate of the Juice Boxes. With two banks of Rovers deployed, the propane usage was reduced from 2 gallons per hour to just 0.5 gallons per hour.

The quiet, fume-free Rovers align perfectly with the Art Fair's sustainability initiatives while keeping costs low. Everyone was pleased that our solution contributed to the 30th anniversary being the greenest Saint Louis Art Fair yet!

"Green2Go's mission has always been to help customers make better choices with rental power. This application shows that we can 'put our money where our mouth' is as it relates to reducing carbon footprint."

Chuck Justus
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