Green2Go Called In To Aid Maui Fire Relief

Green2Go Called In To Aid Maui Fire Relief
Emergency & Disaster Recovery


In 2023, wildfires devastated the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii, and the town of Lahaina was particularly affected by this natural disaster. Many homes in the tight-knit community were completely leveled, and homeowners were seeking assistance in recovering their losses. Green2Go assisted in this process and was there during the disaster providing much needed relief for families affected.


A major national insurance carrier had set up shop in the town to process insurance claims relating to the wildfires. The carriers and adjustors needed to work with claimers face-to-face in order to quickly process claims, as there were many people needing assistance in beginning the process of rebuilding.

Finding no suitable office space for them, tents were erected to house insurance adjustors and provide them with workspace to process claims. These tents needed electricity to power computers and phones. They also needed air conditioning to ensure that adjustors and claimers would be comfortable during the long days of disaster responses.


Once the tents had been erected, the race was on to make them suitable places for adjustors to live and work while they helped to provide monetary assistance to those affected by the Maui wildfires. HVAC construction crews worked around the clock to make these tents functional for families to seek relief in monetary form. These tents also served as a place where community residents could gather to escape from the intense heat brought on by the fires, as well as a refuge for firefighters working tirelessly to prevent further damage to the area.

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