St. Louis Union Station

Steaming Down the Tracks: Heating The Polar Express

Steaming Down the Tracks: Heating The Polar Express
St. Louis Union Station
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The Polar Express train ride in downtown St. Louis has become a beloved holiday tradition for thousands of families. The ride begins in a large heated tent adjacent to St. Louis’s Union Station. The tent serves as a waiting area, so housing merchandise like themed snow globes, it is vital this structure stays at a comfortable, consistent temperature around the clock. The new natural gas units provide ample heating capacity for the space while reducing fuel costs by 75%.


In previous years, the structure was heated by loud, diesel-powered units that were costly, dirty, and unreliable. The noisy, noxious generators required labor-intensive, maintenance. Frequent and middle-of-the-night refueling led to an increase in labor costs and the possibility of hazardous fuel spills. The quality of experience issues, labor costs, and highly unpredictable diesel prices led event organizers to seek a better heating solution.


Green2Go Rental Power designed and installed a natural gas heating system, purpose-built to meet Union Station's needs. Working closely with the building owner, contractors, municipal officials and natural gas utility, they overcame complicating factors to implement a reliable, cost-effective heating plan.

The 75% reduced fuel savings on natural gas nearly paid for the full system changeover costs over the first event duration. With no need for complex middle-of-the-night diesel replenishment, the cleaner, quieter units also create a more comfortable guest experience.

"It was so good to see this customer make the switch from diesel to natural gas heat and we were honored to help walk them through it. It's a huge reduction in environmental impact and a great way for the client to save money without compromising the guest experience."

Chuck Justus
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